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Lisez les expériences avec les aliments pour bébés au lait de chèvre Kabrita tels que le lait infantile, le lait de suite et le lait pour tout-petits. Mais aussi les expériences avec Kabrita Porridge et Maïs Soufflé.
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Kabrita 1 Lait infantile 800g

Porridge Pomme & Mangue
Ulsana Daniljuk

Porridge Pomme & Mangue

Kabrita 1 Lait infantile 800g
Maryam Pashmforoosh
The package once again for the 2nd time is being returned back to you guys. Please call me. Do yo...

The package once again for the 2nd time is being returned back to you guys. Please call me. Do you know why UPS is doing this again for the second time?

when you spoke to UPS did they give you any kind of clear answer as to why they keep insisting that there’s an incomplete address?

I know UPS to be incompetent, but it’s your company’s responsibility to be calling me and explaining thoroughly the process of why UPS has made this second mistake and why you’re not doing anything about it to resolve the problem…

The apathy of everyone from Kabrita is amazing to me considering my sister spends a lot of her hard earned money being loyal to your company back in NYC paying double the amount (she pays $60/tin) and the least you guys can do is contact us when I and my sister have asked you now for a simple courtesy call for the last 1.5 weeks.

So you’re not in the business of care and nurturing of babies and babies families.

You’re in the business of making money 💰 so how can I continue to trust your product and if you’re providing us a quality product if you’re staff is below par quality?

Actions speaks volumes.

What a shame wasting people’s times and hard working money.

Please call me to resolve this ASAP before UPS ships back to you guys again something I would think you’d hope to prevent.

At this point refund us. And I would expect a courtesy 2 tin credit for so much of our Time wasted.

Kabrita 2 Lait de suite 800g

Still not delivered

My first order was delivered quite quick, I made the second one keeping in mind the same delivery time. The order KAB1283FR was made on Sunday, still not dispatched and no response by e-mail. Please get back to me!!


Im really pleased to have found Kabritas EU webpage. Their delivery is very fast and efficient. You would receive your order the next day or on the 3rd day of ur order. I’m really grateful to them!!!! 😊

Kabrita 3 Lait de croissance 800g

Kabrita 3 Lait de croissance 800g